Born in 1984 in Amsterdam, Eva Simons always smiled when music was around. At a young age, Eva was already imprinted by her family who at that point were successful in the music industry.

At the age of 16, Eva applied to the Amsterdam School of Music. Taking the best of feedback and experience, Eva decided to start her music career: This resulted into making her first big song together with Afrojack called “Take Over Control”. Which opened all the music doors at that moment for Eva.

The next chapter for Eva was when she worked on her major hit, This is Love, together with Will.I.Am. After 2 worldwide number 1 hits, Eva showed the world that she was more than a one-hit wonder. Eva received a lot of requests to write for multiple collaborations from DJ’s to singers which resulted into big successes. Eva had to go back to the basics to find her personal sound. On her way to create her first Solo hit “Policeman” she didn’t want to stick to EDM but went back to her roots and create a mixture between Moombahton and Surinam Dancehall. Releasing Policeman was a big step and a leap of faith for Eva’s career, creating a genre that didn’t exist. But this turned out to be an advantage for her which was followed by “Bludfire.”


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